West Kent Mentoring - 1.2 Organisation

The 'Inverted Pyramid'


The West Kent Mentoring scheme focuses on the Mentee in an inverted pyramid which grows upwards from the Mentee1;

through the Personal Mentor2 who is the point of delivery,

to the Lodge Mentor3 who provides immediate support,

to the Province4 which enables the scheme,

to Grand Lodge5 which is a conduit through which proven practices can be   shared.



West Kent Mentoring Inverted Pyramid Structure



The West Kent Mentoring scheme, although appearing centrally focused on 'newer masons', provides support and assistance in exactly the same manner/methods to those brethren of increased experience and service, who wish also to further enhance their Masonic journey and the Supporting Documentation information is easily identifiable as such:-





Information for Mentors 


Newer Masons


Information for Candidates

Information for Entered Apprentices

Information for Fellow Craftsmen

Information for Master Masons 



More experienced Masons


Royal Arch Information

Information for the Master of a Lodge

Information for Past Masters

Information for Provincial Officers 



We will achieve this though the following 'Mission Statement':


The Provincial Mentoring Team is committed to providing its members with every possible opportunity of experiencing 'individual mentoring excellence' by:


  • Providing our mentors with training, coaching, support, advice, information and by sharing best practice techniques;


  • By promoting the learning and advancement opportunities available to our membership;


  • Through the process of creating a mentoring culture; 




  • by recognising and celebrating mentoring excellence.




West Kent Mentoring - Part 1.3 - Objectives