West Kent Mentoring - 1.3 Objectives


  • To establish an enduring mentoring framework throughout our Province that will be respected by our Lodges and our membership.


  • To continue to support and respect each individual Lodges' wants and aspirations.


  • To continue to provide our Lodges with regular information regarding the Mentoring Initiative including positive case studies for their consideration/implementation.


  • To continue to establish an identifiable support mechanism to our members, both new and existing that can provide knowledge and/or direction on a personal basis when required.


  • To continue to seek active participation from our members to ensure that the mentoring initiative infrastructure accurately reflects the demographics of our membership. Through the framework set in place the Mentoring Team aims to assists its members with: their enjoyment of the Craft; their understanding of the Craft; and how they can communicate to others their experiences of the Craft.




West Kent Mentoring - Part 1.4 - Structure