West Kent Mentoring - 1.6 The Province 

The Province's Role



Province's Role - West Kent Mentoring Inverted Pyramid Structure



The role of the Province is pivotal to the success of the scheme. Its role is to:


  • Manage the scheme locally
  • Appoint a Provincial Mentor who
    • prepares Mentoring guidance, literature and information tailored for the Province
    • supports Lodges
    • provides advice and guidance to Group Mentors, Assistant Group Mentors & Lodge Mentors organises training for Group Mentors, Assistant Group Mentors & Lodge Mentors
    • arranges Masonic awareness and development seminars
    • listens to Lodges' experiences 
  • Provide literature and information for each applicant, candidate, etc.
  • Measure effectiveness of the scheme in the Province.
  • In future, to share experience with other Provinces to encourage the development of proven mentoring practices.




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