West Kent Mentoring - 1.7 UGLE

UGLE's Role



United Grand Lodge of England's Role - West Kent Mentoring Inverted Pyramid Structure




The role of UGLE is to:


  • Provide continuing sponsorship of Masonic Mentoring as a fundamental Masonic activity.
  • Learn of good practise from Provinces.
  • Provide central support to Provinces, acting as a conduit for the exchange of proven practises between Provinces.
  • Maintain the Masonic Mentoring website.
  • Maintain further Masonic Development material as part of the Masonic Mentoring website.
  • Advise Provinces on the implementation of Mentoring Schemes, where requested.
  • Measure overall effectiveness of Mentoring Schemes.




West Kent Mentoring - Part 1 - Annex A - Personal Mentors