West Kent Mentoring - 3.1 Introduction

This part of the West Kent Mentoring Scheme, "Mentoring Aids", contains a suggested programme of Masonic discovery for a Lodge to deliver to a potential applicant, then candidate and, in time, new Mason. It draws on examples discovered by the Rulers' Forum Working Party on Mentoring among the vast collection of Mentoring booklets and experiences shared by other Provinces.

Mentoring Aids provide a starting point to support the four stages of Masonic discovery described in the Mentor's Checklist. Many items are available for download, either for direct use or to be refined and expanded for use in a new or refreshed Mentoring scheme. No Mentee will remember everything that is said to him by his Personal Mentor. There are a series of booklets and/or hand-outs to support the Mentoring Scheme. These are for use by the Personal Mentor and, subsequently, can be left with the Mentee for their own use.

As with all content of the West Kent Mentoring Scheme, this section is not prescriptive. It is a check-list that can be used in the preparation or maintenance of a Mentoring program, to be augmented with material specific to your Lodge, or moderated to tie in with local Membership Development initiatives, or existing local practices.

Just as it is not prescriptive, this section is not complete. It is a starting point to be added to whenever further material, success and experience is shared with the mentoring community and with the Provincial website.



West Kent Mentoring - Part 3.2 - Before Initiation